14" Mixed Floral Patio Containers Custom Designed!
$18.00 Cash, $19.00 Delivery

Precious Moments

Petunia Trilogy Salmon Morn, Petunia Easy Wave Yellow, Lobelia Regatta Sky Blue

Cherry Blossom

Calibrachoa Kabloom Cherry, Calibrachoa Kabloom Light Pink Blast, Petunia Shockwave Coconut (White)

Plum Rise

Verbena Obsession Cascade Purple Shades, Petunia Easy Wave Plum Vein, Petunia Shock Wave Yellow


14″ Containers Designer’s Choice!


Our Staff will make up a limited run of mixed containers based on plants we have on hand. The results are beautiful and unique! Stop in and see what’s growing! Or ask our staff to design some in advance for your customers!



Summer Sunset Improved

Petunia Shockwave Purple, Calibrachoa Kabloom Coral, Petunia Easy Wave Rosy Dawn

Stars and Stripes

Petunia Easy Wave Burgundy Star, Lobelia Regatta Midnight Blue, Petunia Shockwave Coconut (White)

10" Mixed Hanging Calibrachoa and Petunia! New this year - Limited Quantities!
$11.50 Cash, $12.50 Delivery

Pinks and White, Patriotic, Purples and White, Sunset, Pastel, and Designer's Choice

Decorative Plants in 4" Pots Cash $28.00, Delivery $29.50

Begonia Dragonwing Pink

Begonia Dragon Wing Red

Coleus Kiwi Fern

Dracena Spikes

Ipomoea Blackie

Ipomoea Spotlight Bronze

Ipomoea Spotlight Lime Green

Ranunculus Mache Mix

Vinca Vine, Variegated

Geraniums 4 1/2" 15 ct flat: Cash $30.00, Delivery $31.50

Bullseye Red

Bullseye Salmon

Maverick Violet

Pinto Premium White

Pinto Premium White to Rose