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Genovese Basil Stock

Genovese Basil

(Ocimum basilicum Genovese) An essential Italian herb for cooking and pesto. Spicy fragrance on 3" long leaves. Slow bolt variety. Ht. 24-30"

Lots of leaves growing ripe purple basil closeup. Selective focus.

Purple Basil

(Ocimum basilicum Red Rubin) Decorative basil with 3" leaves and strong basil taste, good for vinegar. Ht. 18-24"

hoary basil or basilicum in the pot, ingredient for cooking

Lemon Basil

(Ocimum basilicum Sweet Dani) Excellent for salads and garnishes, this variety has 75% more total essential oils than standard lemon basils. Ht. 18-24"

Close up Sweet basil leaf from Thailand

Thai Basil

(Ocimum basilicum Siam Queen) AAS Winner in 1997. Unique aromatic basil essential to Asian cuisine. Ht. 18-24"

Cilantro stock


(Coriandrum sativum Santo) Leaves used in Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian cooking and seeds for baking. Slow bolt variety. Ht. 12-18"

Dill stock


(Anethum graveolens Fernleaf) Dwarf variety slow to bolt with sweet foliage. Grown for leaf, but will produce seed. Ht. 18"

Forest Green. Curly leaves, good for garnishes and salads. Vigorous, heat tolerant biennial.

Parsley, Curly

(Petroselinum crispum Forest Green) Curly leaves, good for garnishes and salads. Vigorous, heat tolerant biennial. Host plant for Black Swallowtail butterflies. Ht. 12-18"

Dark Green. Preferred variety for Italian cooking.

Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf

(Petroselinum crispum neopolitanum Dark Green) Preferred variety for Italian cooking. Biennial Ht. 12-18"

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Catnip Stock


(Nepenta cataria) Stimulant for cats fresh or dried, soothing as a tea for humans. Ht. 18" Zone 4

Fresh chamomile flower field garden greenery herb and plant background.

Chamomile, Roman

(Anthemis nobilis or Chamaemelan nobile) Flowers are used for a soothing tea. Harvest flowers when petals are no longer flat but arch backwards. Ht. 4-8" Zone 5.

Chives stock


(Allium schoenoprasum) Thin leaves with mild onion flavor, great fresh or dried. Edible purple blooms. Ht. 12-18" Zone 3

Garlic Chives

Chives, Garlic

(Allium tuberosum) Flat leaves with a mild garlic flavor, fresh or dried. Edible white blooms. Ht. 18" Zone 3

lemon balm stock

Lemon Balm

(Melissa officinalis) Distinct lemon flavor, great for iced or hot tea and salads. Ht. 24" Zone 4

green lemongrass on black enamelware


(Cymbopogon flexuosa) Strong lemon flavor popular in Southeast Asian cooking for curries, stir-fry and tea. Stems harvested at 1/4" length. Can be overwintered indoors. Ht. up to 4' Zone 9

Closeup photo of home grown Marjoram in the garden

Marjoram, Sweet

(Origanum majorana) Sweeter and milder than oregano with balsam-like aroma. Used in bean, lamb and sausage dishes or in salad dressings or soups. Ht. 12" Zone 8

Oregano Stock

Oregano, Greek

(Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum) A variety that is excellent for cooking and with a smaller plant habit that is less invasive. Ht. 12-24" Zone 3

peppermint,mint plant grow at vegetable garden


(Mentha x piperita) True peppermint flavor, purple stems and a vigorous habit. Soothing in tea. Ht. 18-24" Zone 5



(Mentha pelegium) Also known as mosquito plant and said to repel mice, fleas and gnats as well. Generally toxic if ingested by humans or pets, it is best in a pet free garden. Can be invasive like mint. Sun to part shade. Ht. 4-6" spread to 1 ft. Zone 5

Sage stock 2


(Salvia officinalis) Soft grey-green leaves used extensively in cooking. Ht. 12-24" Zone 5

White Sage

Sage, White

(Salvia apiana) Dusty grey-green foliage on bushy plant. Used for drying/smudging. Ht. up to 4 ft, but difficult to establish. Zone 6

Menthe plant


(Mentha spicata) Great for indigestion and headaches as tea. Ht. 12-18" Zone 5

Alpine Strawberry Temptation

Strawberry, Red Alpine

(Frangaria vesca Temptation) Small, very sweet red berries all season on clump-forming plants. Evergreen cascading, harvest June 'til frost. Ht. 8-10" Hardy to -10F

Thyme plant growing in the herb garden

Thyme, Garden

(Thymus vulgaris) Classic cooking thyme, good for savory dishes. Ht. 6-12" Zone 4

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SCENTED GERANIUMS leaves natural mosquitoes repellent on a wooden table


(Pelargorium Citrosum) Another plant nicknamed 'mosquito plant' this cross between Chinese citronella grass and an African geranium needs 6 hrs of full sun and is frost sensitive. Ht. 2-4' Zone 9

Fernleaf Lavender

Fernleaf Lavender

(Lavandula Multifida Spanish Eyes) Blue-green deeply edged foliage with blue-violet flowers that have a pungent (non-lavender) scent. Not a true lavender, but great for the garden. Ht. 16”-25” Zone 7

Lavender Goodwin Creek Grey

Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender

(Lavendula ‘Goodwin Creek Grey’) Intricate fuzzy silver foliage with dark purple flowers and true lavender scent. Prolific flowering variety. Ht.20-24” Zone 7

Lavender Grosso2

Grosso Lavender

(Lavandula x intermedia Grosso) Hardy heavy bearing variety prized in France for cut flower and oil production. Dark blue flowers on long spikes. Ht. 24-30” Width 24-30” Zone 5

Lavender Hidcote

Hidcote Lavender

(L angustifolia ‘Hidcote’) Blue English lavender, smaller spikes but with a great scent and great hardiness. Winner of the Garden Merit Award from the Royal Horticultural Society. Ht. 18-20” Width 8-10” Zone 4

Ellagance Lavender

Ellagance Lavender

(L. angustifolia ‘Ellagance’) Blooms deep purple the first year from seed on large dense spikes. Great for drying. Ht. 12-14” tall Width 8-10” Zone 5

Lavender Munstead

Munstead Lavender

(L. angustifolia ‘Munstead’) Another blue English lavender with a shorter size and shorter blue flower spikes that is a reliable producer in gardens and whose flowers make great sachets. Ht. 12-16” Width 24” Zone 5

Mint Chocolate

Chocolate Mint

(Mentha x piperita Chocolate) Smells like a chocolate covered mint patty. Dark blue stems make it more striking than other mints. Sells itself. Ht. 24” Zone 3

Mint English

English Mint

(Mentha spicata var.) The classic mint used in mojitos, this reliable variety is also used for our commercial bunched mint sales. Ht. 12-18” Zone 4.

Mint Pineapple

Pineapple Mint, Variegated

(Mentha suaveolens Variegenta) This fast grower has a unique pineapple scent and delicate green and white foliage. Ht. 24” Zone 6

Strawberry Mint

Strawberry Mint

(Mentha spicata Strawberry) A few of these fresh green leaves can make a delightful strawberry tea. Ht. 24" Zone 4

Fresh green rosemary herbs growing in garden


(Rosmarinus officinalis) Upright variety. Pine scented branches and leaves used in cooking. Ht. 5’ Zone 8

Haengender Rosmarin, Rosmarinus lavandulaceus

Creeping Rosemary

(Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus) Prostrate rosemary, great for shaping and cultivating at home for beauty alone. Ht. 1’ Width 4-8’ Zone 8

Sage Golden

Golden Sage

(Salvia Officinalis ‘Aurea’) Variegated green and gold leaves make an attractive addition to the garden or dinner table. Ht. 18-24” Zone 5

Sage Gold

Gold Sage

(Salvia Officinalis ‘Solid Gold’) Golden yellow leaves a true sage that is both decorative and edible. Ht. 18-24” Zone 5

pineapple sage herb field

Pineapple Sage

(Salvia elegans) This fragrant sage is a hummingbird magnet with its beautiful red flowers. The flowers can be used in salads and the leaves in teas. Heady and strong pineapple fragrance. Ht. 24-36” Zone 8

Sage Purple

Purple Sage

(Salvia Officinalis ‘Purpurea’) Deep purple fuzzy leaves are both decorative and edible. Ht. 12-24” Zone 5

Tricolor Sage stock

Tricolor Sage

(Salvia Officinalis ‘Tricolor’) Variegated cream, purple and green leaves make this decorative sage stand out. Ht. 24” Zone 5

Sage Variegated Berggarten (White Edge)

White Edge Sage- Var. Berggarten

(Salvia Officinalis ‘Var. Berggarten’) A creamy white and green variation of the large leaved Berggarten sage, great for culinary uses. Ht. 20-24” Zone 5

French Tarragon

French Tarragon

(Artemisia dacunculus) Classic French herb known for its delicate anise-like scent and flavor. Use fresh or preserve in vinegar. Ht. 24-36” Width 12” Zone 5

Silver Edge Thyme

(Thymus vulgaris argenteus) Pale silvery leaves with delicate white edge make this thyme both decorative and culinary. Ht. 9-12” Width 8-12” Zone 4

Thyme Lemon Variegated

Lemon Variegated Thyme

(Thymus vulgaris citriodorus Variegata) Green and gold variegated leaves with a strong and lovely lemon scent. Great for cooking and baking. Ht. 6-10” Width 8-12” Zone 4

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena

(Aloysia triphylla ‘Lemon Tease’) Strongest lemon scent of any herb. Perfect for teas and cordials. Graceful plant with long slender leaves. Ht. 36” Zone 8