TO:  VEGETABLE GROWERS                                                                                                                                                            2019

Vegetable Plants from Harvest Farm of Whately

Hello Grower,

Welcome to this growing season.  Together with Davey and staff at Harvest Farm, we will be growing again!

We strive for healthy, stocky plants that will perform well in your fields and ours.  We are paying attention to the details that give these transplants a little edge for what faces them.  We guarantee the count and the quality of all our plants for growers.

All the transplants are grown in a naturally sterile mix or Living Acres organic soil mix.  This means there are no soil-borne diseases in these plants.  The cell concept helps reduce transplant shock by holding the root ball together and providing a reservoir for water.  Altogether, your plants will be early maturing and very satisfactory for a great beginning in the spring.

Herbs are on a separate list.  Please request.

Flat and cell information:

A flat size is the standard 1020 11″ x 22″. 162 cells 1 1/8″ x 1 1/8″ x 1 ½”;  128 cells 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” x 1 ¾”; 72 cells 1 ½” x 1 ½” x 2 ½”

3″ round peat pots for tomatoes are spaced for early plants.

10 Row Seed Flats

The best use for these is for planting into cells, pots or cold frames.  1 to 3 weeks old: 1″ to 3″ tall depending upon variety and type.

Prices are for healthy, usable starter plants, from Harvest Farm seed, grown during our regular season for those size cells, pre-ordered, cash on delivery at Harvest Farm.  1 ½% interest per month will be charged after 30 days.  All prices are subject to change.

Special orders:  We will custom grow any plant you may need for when you need them, whether or not they are listed here.  Other varieties and cell sizes can be made available (for special orders of less than 10 flats of any one special variety, a $10.00 surcharge will be added per variety).  Basic pricing for field-ready plants grown from grower provided seed – cole crops, lettuce and other cool season crops $12.50 per flat, peppers and eggplant $13.50 per flat, tomatoes $14.00 per flat.

Seed Note:  We welcome your new, clean, commercially or organically grown quality seed.  All seed must be from a reputable seed company and certified to be disease-free.  An appropriate credit is given when the grower supplies the seed.

Recycling:  To keep our costs down and to help our environment, we recycle 90% of the containers in which we grow plants.  You may return containers that can be reused.

Shipping and Delivery:  Available to many areas for a nominal charge based upon our cost.

Please call – (413) 665-2030 or fax – (413) 665-7008 or

Our website: or come by to place an order or for more information.


Harvest Farm of Whately                                                 Gary Gemme

125 Long Plain Road                                                         David Wojciechowski

Whately, MA 01373


Monday – Friday               8 AM – 4:30 PM                    January 2, 2019 – November 23, 2019

Saturday                               8 AM –Noon                         February 9, 2019 – October 26, 2019

Sunday                                  Closed

Grower/Greenhouse Program:  Here are the basics:  Harvest Farm provides the space, soil pots, flats and plant growing labor, [watering, spacing, feeding, and spraying (if needed)].  The grower provides the initial labor for seeding and transplanting, flat filling – if organic soil is used.  The basic prices are $10.00 for cool season crops, $11.00 for warm season crops.  You can mix varieties in flats, there are no special order charges.  There is a flat $10.00 – $11.00 charge for each 10 row that is associated with your project.  Please provide only disease free seed.  You may check your plants or work on them during regular business hours only.  No live plant material is allowed to be brought in.  Davey is the coordinator for these projects.  Please consult him for more details.




The liability of Harvest Farm of Whately for breach of guarantee (warranty), or for any loss or damage arising out of the purchase or use of its plants or other products, including loss or damage resulting from negligence or strict liability in tort, shall be limited to replacement of the dissatisfactory item or refund of the purchase price.  Nor shall Harvest Farm of Whately be liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damage, including any loss or damage resulting from negligence or strict liability in tort.  Claims for defects in Harvest Farm of Whately products must be presented to Harvest Farm of Whately as soon as practicable, and in any event, within 30 days of discovery.


Here is the basic pricing strategy and likely varieties we have on hand. 

Broccoli: GypsyCelery: TangoLettuce, Head: Summer Crisp
Brussel Sprouts: Jade CrossCeleriac: BrilliantLettuce, Red Leaf: New Red Fire
Cabbage: Azurro, redCollard, Green: Top BunchLettuce, Romaine: Green Towers
Cabbage: Blue LagoonKale: WinterborOnion, Red Hybrid: Red Bull
Cabbage: BravoLeeks: LancelotOnion, Spanish: Yellow
Cauliflower: Snow CrownLettuce, Boston: MargaritaOnion, Spanish: White
 Lettuce, Green Leaf: Two Star 

128 cell flats:  Basic price for flats of above plants $13.00 with Harvest Farm of Whately buying the seeds.

72 cell flats:    leeks or onions:                      500 plants                            $13.50

Please request a special price quote on larger orders with grower supplied seed.


We offer the following varieties in 128’s and 72’s:

Anaheim Chile                     .005 Giant Marconi                            .05Lady Bell Hybrid                    .04
 Aruba, Cuban Type Hybrid     .05 Hot Cherry                                 .005Poblano Hybrid                       .05
Cayenne                                 .005 Hot Portugal                              .005Red Start Hybrid                    .05
Declaration                              .08Hot Wax                                      .005Revolution                                .07
  Early Sunsation Yellow Hybrid     .06    
  Jalapeno                                        .005Eggplant, Classic                    .02
  Eggplant, Asian                       .02

Price per flat does NOT include the cost of the seed:

                                  72’s                      $14.00

                                128’s                      $13.50

Quantity discounts of 10 or more flats of the same variety – same pickup date:

                                  72’s                      $13.50

                                128’s                      $13.00

More than 100 flats of the same variety – same pickup date:

                                  72’s                      $13.00

                                128’s                      $12.50

We prefer to use your new seed if the varieties are not listed here and for large orders.


Please pre-order these tomato transplants.  Most varieties sell out.

3″ peat pot – order 8 weeks ahead.          72’s – 7 weeks ahead.          4″ Greenhouse Tomatoes – 9 weeks.

All pots and trays are filled with organic soil and spaced for plant health.  Sizes available are 3″ 18 c peat pots, $21.00 ($1.17 each); 4″ 18 c plastic pots, $22.00 ($1.22 each); 24 c round plastic tray, $14.00 (.58 each); 72 c plastic cells, $14.50 (.20 each).  Pricing does not include the cost of seed per cell – seed prices listed below.

We strive to grow the best tomato plants.  We strongly recommend hybrid, disease resistant tomatoes and we offer the following varieties:

Big Beef                          .03Cherry Sweet 100                               .04Sweet Olive, Grape Type     .04
Brandywine                  .01Cherokee Purple                                   .01Big Dena Greenhouse         .56
Bush Early Girl           .03Jet Star                                                     .02 
Celebrity                        .03Mountain Fresh Plus                          .04 
Cherry:  Large Red     .01Mountain Spring                                 .04 
Cherry: Sun Gold         .05Roma Hybrid:  Mariana, main season  .04 


Usually, 2 or more plants per cell and price includes Harvest Farm of Whately seed.

24 Plastic Cells             Per Flat
Butternut – Waltham – good yields. Keeps well$13.00
Cucumber – Hybrid Pickle. Grown by many professional growers. Disease resistant.$13.00
Cucumber – Long Green Marketmore 76. Long dark green. A shipping variety.$13.00
Muskmelon – Hybrid early, good flavor, all markets$13.00
Summer Squash – Multipick Hybrid – precocious yellow gene, a good variety with a long season$13.00
Watermelon – Crimson Sweet – oval, 15-25 lbs. Dark green stripes. A good commercial variety$13.00
Zucchini – Elite – long, dark green, vigorous, preferred type. Widely accepted$13.00