Custom/Special Order Plants


We are custom growers who specialize in cooperation with our customers.  We can grow almost any crop for you from seed.  We prefer to use your high-quality seed for varieties not listed here.  Our goal is to have you be pleased that the plants in your plan work out for you.  At Harvest Farm all our plants are guaranteed to be healthy, usable and satisfactory.



We grow flowers in 10 row trays and can grow them in certain types of plug flats. For pricing click below


We have a selection of cold crops, onions, and leeks available as 128's and 72's priced between $13-$14 per flat. Leeks and Onion flats typically carry over 500 plants per tray.



We have a curated selection of disease resistant peppers and eggplant in 72's and 128's available for preorder.


These are a specialty of ours and we pride ourselves on strong plants with thick stems. Available in a variety of sizes: 3", 4", 24 ct, and 72 ct trays



Our 24ct vine crops are available for both wholesale and retail sale at $13.00 a flat cash pickup.

We Recycle!

To keep our costs down and to help our environment, we recycle 90% of the containers in which we grow plants. You may return containers that can be reused.

Seed Note

We welcome your new, clean, commercially or organically grown quality seed. All seed must be from a reputable seed company and certified to be disease free.


Disclaimer of Guarantee (Warranty)

No other express guarantee or warranty is made in respect thereof. Exclusive limitation of remedy for commercial customers.


The liability of Harvest Farm of Whately for breach of guarantee (warranty), or for any loss or damage arising out of the purchase or use of its plants or other products, including loss or damage resulting from negligence or strict liability in tort, shall be limited to replacement of the dissatisfactory item or refund of the purchase price. Nor shall Harvest farm of Whately be liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damage, including any loss or damage resulting from negligence or strict liability in tort. Claims for defects in Harvest Farm of Whately products must be presented to Harvest Farm of Whately as soon as practicable, and in any event, within 30 days of discovery.