From the Field

On over 150 acres of farmland, we produce many vegetables and herbs for produce sales to local supermarkets, retailers and distributors around Massachusetts.

Food Safety Certification


Since 2012, Harvest Farm Produce has been Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified. This means that our produce has met both USDA Federal and MA State compliance in how we grow, process and pack our produce. We believe in putting out a great product that we can stand behind.

In 2019 we became MA Commonwealth Quality Program certified. To read more about the what goes into Commonwealth Quality certification, click here to check out a brief description on the site.



             2012 GAP Certificate

             2013 GAP Certificate

             2014 GAP Certificate

            2015 GAP Certificate

            2016 GAP Certificate

            2017 GAP Certificate

            2018 GAP Certificate

            2019 CQP Certificate


Kale and Collard Greens


We are the "gold standard" for quality hydro-cooled greens in the Northeast. We supply chain stores to mom and pop businesses on a daily basis throughout the season. We are happy to oblige full loads or less than a pallet quantities. We pack our boxes at 9-12 bunches per box but can pack specific counts for customer needs. Available: June 20 - November 15


We specialize in a very high-end pack that will satisfy the fussiest customers. We also pack out other grades so that we can accommodate any quality or price point you may need. We sort large tomatoes as 5 x 6 and above with medium tomatoes packed separately. Utility grade tomatoes are also available. All types are packed in 25 lb boxes. Available: July 20th through October 15th.

Specialty Eggplant:

Brazilian Jilo

Available August through September packed as 1/2 bushel box 15 lbs.


Spearmint or English mint is packed at 12 bunches per 1/2 bushel box or less. Availability: Late May through September.


Green Beans

Packed in 1-bushel boxes. Available: Mid-June through September.

Bunched Beets

Packed 12 bunches/box.  Available:  Mid-June through Mid-October.


Winter Rye Seed

Cleaned Rye Seed available in bulk bags.

Baled Rye Straw

Rye Straw is available by the bale.

Please contact us for per box and pallet pricing! Office # 413-665-2030 and ask for Gary.