If you as a commercial farmer would like to rent space in our greenhouse to start your plants you may do so. This is called our grower program. The general pricing is $10 cool season crops $11 warm season crops.

This pricing covers the cost of labor (feeding, watering, and spacing), soil, tray type and greenhouse space. You as the grower provide the initial labor of seeding, transplanting and flat filling. Please be aware that you may check on your plants or work on them DURING BUSINESS HOURS ONLY!

Also, if you plan on transplanting your seed starts into a different tray type and continuing to grow them on in our greenhouse then an additional fee will be charged for each new tray space you take up.

Please be aware that NO LIVE PLANT MATERIAL can be brought in so as to reduce the risk of pests and plant disease. Likewise only new disease free seed from a reputable company may be used.


Davey is the primary contact for these projects, please call the farm for a consultation.