Tomato Special Order


Tomatoes are one of the best things we grow on the farm and we know you’ll be pleased with the tomato plants we grow for you. Below is a selection of varieties we have picked for disease resistance and popularity.

Take a look at our pricing and you’ll see we care about the value that we pass on to you! 

If there’s a variety you would like us to grow for you that you don’t see here, standard flat pricing with grower provided seed starts at:


24 ct round plastic tray

72 ct plastic cells

 3″ 18 ct peat pots

4″ 18 ct plastic pots


  **Pricing does not include the cost of seed per cell**


* Please be aware that flats of 10 or less of any one variety will be charged a $10 per variety charge because these often must be done by hand.*



Please pre-order tomato transplants. Most varieties sell out. 

 72’s – 7 weeks ahead.

  24’s –7 weeks ahead.

3″ peat pot – order 8 weeks ahead.

4″ Greenhouse Tomatoes – 9 weeks.

Tomatoes are grouped below by the market price per seed combined with the standard flat pricing.



Tomatoes in 24 ct. and 72 ct. flats

We offer tomatoes in various sizes to fit your needs including 24 ct, 72’s.

We don’t sell tomatoes with flimsy stems in small plug flats. We believe in giving our plants all the strength they need to produce for you all season long. This is why we offer tomatoes in 72 and 24 ct flats. 

Please order 7 weeks ahead of your pick up date. Flats of 24 ct. grown with grower provided seed are $14.50 (.60 each). Flats of 72 ct. grown with grower provided seed are $15.00 (.21 each). The prices below are based on that flat rate plus the cost of Harvest provided seed.






Large Red Cherry


Cherokee Purple

Jet Star


Juliet, Grape type

Mt. Spring

Cherry: Sweet 100



Big Beef

Roma Hybrid Mariana


Bush Early Girl

Mt. Fresh Plus



Big Dena, Greenhouse type


3″ Peat Pot Pricing

We offer 3″ peat pots in 18 ct. flats spaced by 9’s in order to get the fullest crown and strongest stem. 

Pricing ranges from $21-$27 for regular varieties with higher prices for the highly disease resistant greenhouse tomato Big Dena.

Please order 8 weeks ahead of your pick up date.

If you are looking for smaller and non spaced 3″ peat, please see our retail page but please order in advance as quantities are limited!



4″ Plastic Pot Pricing

4″ 18 ct. trays spaced by 9’s to promote stem growth range anywhere from $23.65 – $27.60.


Please order 9 weeks ahead of your pick up date.


Husky Red and Tumbling Tom tomatoes can be found in 4 1/4″ pots on our retail vegetable page. 


If you would like us to grow tomatoes in that larger size please consult with Davey on pricing.