Cell Pack Inserts

Fits full size 1020 flats, 100 ct

Plug Flats

Square holes, heavy weight, solid sheets 100 ct.

Humidity Domes

For 1020 flats, single

Inflation Blower

3 Bolt 60 CFM 0.15 Amp w/pre-wired 8' cord

Ground Cover

Black woven 3.3 0z with stripe every foot

Soil Additives

Fine, bright, excellent for covering seeds

Organic Soil Mixes

Organic soil mixes we offer are Living Acres and McEnroe. Can be purchased by the bag or pallet.

From Maine. A compost based organic soil mix with peat, humus, sphagnum peat, vermiculite and perlite. Most vegetable and bedding plants grow in this mix very well without addional fertilizer.

From Millerton, NY peat compost aggregate material. Massachusetts NOFA approved. Certified Organic.